I was born Mamali Soheyli in Tehran-Iran to wonderful parents who never stopped giving me unconditional love and financial support. After a beautiful childhood and graduating from French school of Tehran, I went to Paris-France to pursue my education. It took me a couple of months to figure out that Paris is not the ideal place to start student life. Nevertheless, I stayed the entire school year in order to learn the new life style and tried to adapt myself to the new environment. I have to admit that it wasn't hard at all, and actually, it was one of my best periods of life.
Unfortunately, it couldn't last forever (I had to satisfy my parent's expectations as well), so I decided to go to Normandy where our two best rated high school promotions already were successful.
Normandy was another world compared to Paris. The first couple of years I couldn't even watch the TV (not a big deal - we had just two black & white channels for a few hours a day) and it was raining almost all the time, so the only thing to do was to study. I did it moderately and continued to enjoying life. I acquired the taste of the fine cuisine and appreciated the good wine while pursuing my Masters in Mathematics.
Following my stint in Normandy, I returned to Paris to pursue a PhD ( Doctorat de Troisième Cycle ) in Informatics. After the revolution of 1979 in Iran, I felt that it was of my duty to return to the native country and help the new regime on its way to democracy. I obtained an offer at the Technical University of Tehran (Fani) where I had already taught for 2 years between my Masters and PhD (74-76). My mirage didn't last more than six months, and again I returned to Paris where I worked for several computer-consulting companies.
In 1991 I decided to start a new life in the USA. Since then, I have found great happiness as a computer consultant in Southern California specializing in Internet and Intranet Development.